Tuesday, 31 May 2016

.F I N L A N D.

Came back to Finland around two weeks ago for about a month. I really love Finland and all the four seasons, but have to admit that rainy, dark, everything dead-autumn before winter is just terrible. What comes to winter, it's beautiful and very unique if it's proper winter with good snow and not too cold. Winter in Finland could be also a bit shorter because it's around six months of darkness, cold and very variable, sometimes unstable weathers. Wintertime is really tough for mind and body and for me it's mostly waiting for summer to finally arrive.

When I last time left from home it was awfully cold, snowy, wet and dark. When I got back to home, wow, it surprises me every time! Finland in summer is pure bliss and worth to see.

It's beautiful. It's pure. It's fresh. It's unique. It's an experience.

And I love it.

One of my favorite things in summer and being at home is fresh, homemade mint tea, sauna and warm summer nights. While birds singing, kids laughing, drinking tea and walking barefoot on the grass. Makes me feel stressfree and gives me amazingly good vibes.

What you like about Finland?

Monday, 30 May 2016

.E N G L A N D.

 Norwich castle


 Norwich Cathedral



.Love is all you need.

 Platform Twelve


 Platform Twelve


 Platform Twelve


Somerleyton Hall & Gardens

 Somerleyton Hall & Gardens

 The Mardle Cafe

Redwings Horse Sanctuary and Equine Veterinary Centre


Somerleyton Hall & Gardens

After Spain I flew to UK for a few days. Flybe has direct flights from Malaga to Norwich, which is just perfect! Usually flights are pretty cheap too and I'll be spending quite much time in UK and Spain in the future, so good flights will be in need. I was in UK for the first time ever and to be honest - I loved it! Weathers were good, no raining at all and was sunny almost every day. Nature in UK is just gorgeous with its old big trees and endless fields filled with sheeps, cows and horses. Architecture is also on of the things I loved in England and it's so different compared to Finland. Very much my style because I like all the little details and old, vintage things too. 

Was just quick visit in England but great days exploring by bike, by car and just walking around. Visited for example in the Redwings Horse Sanctuary and Equine Veterinary Centre. There's life saved donkeys, mules and horses which you can pet and learn about their saving stories. I also visited in the Norwich hospital, as because I'm a nurse so it's interesting to see different hospitals all over the world.

Had good time and great time in the Norwich centre; watched the Eye In The Sky in the movies and had dinner before that. Grabbed a beer, visited the Norwich Cathedral, couple of shops and just had a good walk in the town. 

Good times, beautiful days - one special person too.

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters." -Audrey Hepburn

.S U N. S E A. S A L T. S A N D.



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Enjoy life today,

Yesterday is gone,

Tomorrow may never come.

Photographer: Vaskola, S.

Model: Kerttu Kajalainen

Locations: Thailand; Koh Yao Yai // Koh Samui

Asia was a blast! Just quick hop there and back, but we worked hard and got so many good photos! I flew to Krabi, straight flight with Finnair and from Krabi by boat to Koh Yao Yai. There I spent three nights in a small cozy wooden house. I liked Koh Yao Yai a lot! It's more quiet than other islands. It's very small, not many tourists, local life and very laid-back place. You can easily find private beaches just for you! There is cheap acommodations but also more fancier ones if needed.

Easiest and funniest way to explore the island is to rent a scooter and drive all day long. Gas can be bought from everywhere. They sell it in coke or other plastic bottles.

Eating in Koh Yao Yai is easy too, depends what you like - they have all you need. You can eat in a huge buffet which has all you ever can imagine or just grab a grilled chicken or fresh fruits from the street from locals. There is loads of different fruits and my favorite one is pineapple. They are also more than happy to cut it for you.

After three nights was time to move on. Took boat from Koh Yao Yai back to Krabi. And from there took a bus which took us other side of the Krabi. And from there we continued to Koh Samui by ferry. Was a bit windy day then and I was a bit afraid if I'm gonna be a seasick - but luckily all went well. At Koh Samui we took a taxi to the hotel, about 30min from the harbour.

We stayed in Mantra Samui hotel - very recommended! It's such an beautiful place, peaceful - real tranquility. Staff was super helpful and nice. We were treated very well. Top place!

Also in Koh Samui we rented a scooter - which really is the best option when travelling in Asia. It's super easy and fast way to go anywhere. Need to be careful though when driving, because traffic is a bit crazy sometimes, but people are used to scooters so they are quite aware of all the time. Most of the locals drive scooters and carry all kind of stuff with them. Common to see is also whole family driving on one scooter. For example two kids, mom, dad and sometimes a little baby too! Not many people wear helmets.

Koh Samui is much more busier and tourists are everywhere - you really can't find a private place at all. You have to drive somewhere really deep in jungle or waterfalls far away if want to find some more private place. The center is super busy and it's all for tourists. Beaches are crowded too. We found one private beach though. We asked from one local and it truly was a place where you wouldn't go for first.

Thailand offered us perfect weather every day. Lots of sun and sweat. It was suppose to rain for three days, but did't rain not even once!

Thailand is beautiful place, so much to see and explore. So many island, so many attractions - will definitely go back. Recommended.


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.L O F O T E N.

° N o r t h N o r w a y °68° 28' 16" N - 13° 51' 49" E

Film locations:
– Svolvaer
– Bay of Bøosen
– Reine

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