Tuesday, 31 May 2016

.F I N L A N D.

Came back to Finland around two weeks ago for about a month. I really love Finland and all the four seasons, but have to admit that rainy, dark, everything dead-autumn before winter is just terrible. What comes to winter, it's beautiful and very unique if it's proper winter with good snow and not too cold. Winter in Finland could be also a bit shorter because it's around six months of darkness, cold and very variable, sometimes unstable weathers. Wintertime is really tough for mind and body and for me it's mostly waiting for summer to finally arrive.

When I last time left from home it was awfully cold, snowy, wet and dark. When I got back to home, wow, it surprises me every time! Finland in summer is pure bliss and worth to see.

It's beautiful. It's pure. It's fresh. It's unique. It's an experience.

And I love it.

One of my favorite things in summer and being at home is fresh, homemade mint tea, sauna and warm summer nights. While birds singing, kids laughing, drinking tea and walking barefoot on the grass. Makes me feel stressfree and gives me amazingly good vibes.

What you like about Finland?

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